• Tom Whitmore

Why start my own business now?!

I started playing guitar when I was 16 years old and fell in love with it immediately. I went through years of playing guitar by myself, being in multiple bands playing throughout the UK, being unable to motivate myself to play guitar and then also on the opposite end of spectrum of not being able to sleep because I want to go downstairs and try something different with my pedalboard or new guitar. Its been the one constant in my life.

I'm now 34 years old and well settled into a comfortable home life with a family, mortgage...the works. Amidst the chaos of 2020 and struggles that ensued with our own circumstances I battled with a couple of mental health issues that I'm still working through but able to manage alongside regular day to day life and continue and carry on being a father and working fulltime. With all this and dealing with a young family I decided to make a change or at least give it a try. I've never truly known what my calling in life is but I've always wanted to do something with music and as I've grown older something to do with guitar and/or guitar based equipment.

I thrive on the idea of being my own boss and have always been successfully able to setup my own guitars and try something new whether that be new pickups or wiring harness. Therefore, I decided in mid to late 2020 to reach out to the two guitar repair techs based in Leicester and see if anyone was willing to teach me the next level repair jobs and help me gain experience and knowledge of a variety of repairs and standard guitar tech jobs on a variety of different guitar brands. Howard Smith, who I've used for several years as my guitar tech, agreed to assist me on this journey and we are now (when we're not in full covid lockdown) working together to help me gain this experience and I cannot thank him enough for his support. I've now fully set myself up at home in our studio and have reached the point that I feel comfortable and equipped with enough knowledge and experience to start taking on clients for guitar setups, guitar modifications and basic guitar and bass repairs.

As time goes on and I gain more experience I will be adding more services to this website and hopefully be able to reduce hours at my job and even go fulltime with this. It's the old story of "if I don't give it a go now then I never will" and I will look back and regret it. Thank you for taking time to read this and hopefully I will be helping many of you out soon with your guitar or bass projects. I promise future posts will be more concise but for a kicking off point I wanted to tell my story and why I am doing this to hopefully inspire others to at least try doing something new.

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