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How its going so far...

I've now been up and running for a few weeks now and despite being new to self employment, based on the initial feedback from family and friends and my first few paying clients, I'm extremely pleased with how its going. I am still wading through the barrage of info about google optimisation and deciding when to pay out for equipment and stocking parts and how much to spend and when. Its very easy working for a big corporate company spending their money but when its your time and money its a bit more real. Despite all these trials and late nights I am enjoying the process of starting my own company as well as the day to day work repair guitars.

I am currently working on building promotions to bring in more clients and figuring out how to balance expected client base with my fulltime job (yes I am still in fulltime employment until this becomes a sustainable option for me and my family). I've been getting feedback from people who have reached out to me for work about how they found out about me so this is helping me decide where to focus some promotions and offers, so keep an eye out if you need some work doing soon.

My workspace is now complete and I've already had a few jobs dealing with some really engaged people who obviosuly have a passion that matches my own and I can feel my mental wellbeing begin to improve (please see gallery page or my instagram for examples of work). My next step is to build up a bigger skill set, once lockdown has been lifted slightly, with other local service providers. I have just added a custom pedalboard design and build service to my list of options which I am really excited to be able to provide and get stuck into with anyone who needs a bit of help in that area. I love spending time building pedalboards, as well as guitar repairs and setups, so hopefully this is something people feel able to reach out to me and seek help with.

I am trying to keep this blog as concise as possible and also not have too many posts to keep it engaging. I am finding a nice way to provide updates and some incite into someone starting up their own business/passion project. Thanks for reading


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