Guitar Repair Services


Get your guitar setup just the way you like it. Different playing styles require slightly different setups and even brand new instruments can benefit from a professional setup.

Get a nice low action but without the fretting out. Worn frets can be levelled and re-profiled.

Refrets & Nut Replacements

Badly grooved frets and nuts can create fret buzz, intonation problems and can make your guitar really hard to play. Give your guitar a new lease of life

Electrical & Rewiring

Replace problematic switches, jack sockets or pots. Get new sounds with new pickups, pots or wiring harnesses installed for you.

Pedalboard Design & Build

Nothing quiets beats a new pedalboard design and build but a badly made board can create excess noise when all connected up to your amp. Make sure the board of your dreams is what you always imagined it would be.

Setup with fret polish
     Electric or Acoustic - £40
     Electric with Floyd Rose - £50 
Setup with fret level & dressing 
     Electric or Acoustic - £60
     Electric with Floyd Rose - £70
(Setups include setting action height, truss rod adjustments, intonation, lubricating and filing nut slot height if required, cleaning electrics, clean and polish as required. Any of these jobs can be completed on its own but please get in contact for a quote).
Restring, cleanup & polish - £10
(any additional requirements to be quoted based on per hour rate of £20)
Electrical and Wiring Installation (not including cost of parts):
Selector switches - from £10 
Output 'jack' sockets - from £10 
Pickups - from £15
Volume & Tone Pots - from £15
Prebuilt wiring harness - from £20
Custom made wiring harness - from £90
Refret including setup and nut replacement:

Unbound fingerboard - £140

Bound fingerboard - £160

Maple fingerboard (includes re-lacquering) - £180

Partial refret - replacement of up to 10 frets - £80

Make and fit new top end nut:
6 string - £40
Pedalboard design and/or build:
Cost to be determined by size and complexity of the board and will be advised after initial discussions about your board requirements.
Please ring or email for prices of work not listed above.
Prices based upon hourly rate of £20 per hour.